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This is a graphic for moving from Boston to Washington D.C.

How much does it cost to move from Boston to Washington DC?

August 6, 2020

If you are planning to move from Boston to Washington DC this article will help you in planning your upcoming move and get an idea of the cost.

About cities

Boston is a great place to study. A lot of students moving to Boston each year to study in most famous universities in the world such as Harvard, MIT, and others.
You can find all the wether seasons and for some people, it’s a reason to move from Boston. All kinds of sports teams you can find in Boston as well, such as Boston Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, New England Revolution.

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America and that’s why a huge political hub. A lot of people who studied in Boston move to Washington to start their high-level political career. The weather in Washington DC is different than in Boston, it’s warmer, but still there 4 seasons. You can contemplate some snow in the wintertime.
There are also good sports teams – The Washington football team (formerly the Washington Redskins), Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, and D.C. united. An interesting fact that In its first season in Washington after relocating from Boston in 1937, the Redskins won the NFL championship.

Moving preparation costs

Before you move, you have to do a couple of things. Finding the right moving service provider is the very first step and requires some knowledge of how to do it, especially if you are moving long-distance from Boston to Washington DC. Make sure the company you hire have all the licenses required for interstate moving as well as insurance. After you find the right moving company you have to pack all your belongings into boxes or hire moving packing specialists to do it for you. It’s very important to pack well because it takes around 7 hours of straight driving from Boston to Washington DC.

If you packing yourself you have to buy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Usually, the price for packing goods for 1 bedroom apartment will be approximately $150-200 and will include 10-15 small boxes, 10-12 medium boxes, 5-7 large boxes, a couple of Dish packs, 10 lb of packing paper and around 12 rolls of tape. The cost may differ depending on where you but it.
Hiring a professional packing crew for 1 bedroom apartment will cost you additional 4-5 hours for 3 men crew.

Hiring movers or renting a van?

Hiring professional movers from Boston to Washington DC is a better option because will save you a lot of time, then renting a van. Anyway, if you rent a van at least hire a professional moving crew to stock the truck with your belongings because if you don’t there can be a huge chance that something will be damaged during a long move to Washington DC. Hiring a moving company will cost you more, but will save you time, you will get insurance and stress-free experience.

Estimated moving price

The total moving price from Boston to Washington DC for a 1 bedroom apartment is approximately $3800. This flat rate usually includes 2 movers crew, one moving truck, protecting materials such as moving blankets, tape, gas, tolls, insurance – no hidden fees.