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What is Considered a Local Move?

September 18, 2020

When you moving locally you need to hire a local moving company that will provide you a moving service. Local companies are always the best choice in saving on your move. 

To find the right moving service provider you have to remember a few things. First of all, make sure the company has the required license and insurance. Secondly, read reviews from trusted sources like Yelp or Thumbtack. Thirdly, find a couple of companies to learn about the rate.

Moving locally is always better with a local moving company also because movers know the area. You always pay for the time movers drive from point a to point b, that’s why it’s important to build the right logistics in order to avoid roads with “no truck” sign, low bridges and find the fastest way to get to you.

Preparation for Local Move 

After you find the right local moving company you have to prepare for the upcoming move. Packing your belongings into the boxes must be done right, to avoid damages. Also, it’s important to remember that large boxes are not always the best choice, because if you completely overwhelm it with heavy things it will be tough for movers to move it. That’s why put your books into small boxes and use large boxes for things like your shirts and other light clothes. Extra fragile items need some additional care, that’s why try to mention it before the move, so the moving company will be already prepared. Same with extra heavy items like a piano or large fridge, make sure you let movers know before the move because to move it requires additional manpower and equipment.

So what is exactly considered a local move? 

Usually, a local move is considered 150 miles around the locality where the company registered. The difference between moving local and interstate is a rating system. For a local move is always an hourly rate and for a long-distance move, it’s usually a Flat Rate.

Are you moving locally, but what exactly considered a local move? Learn about the local move, how to prepare, and what the difference between local and long-distance moves.