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Updates regarding COVID-19

March 23, 2020

Dear valued Clients,

Our business continues to operate normally (Moving & Storage services were included in the “essential” page list) as we adapt to changing how we work while supporting you. We will keep you informed of any changes. As our team at Flash Moving & Storage have been watching updates, we are choosing to work with & follow information from authorities. We want to do our part in minimizing the impact of Covid-19 to the businesses and communities we serve so here is what we will do:

Safety for All

Pre-move team member Wellnes check: we have posted signs and symptoms of COVID-19 to better inform and provide awareness to our team members. Any team member who feels uncomfortable coming into the office feels or suspects that they may have had contact with an infected person will not come into work and we have additional staff on standby. All team members upon arriving at our offices will have hand cleaning supplies readily available.

Use of examination gloves: move team members will wear 4 mil thick examination gloves while performing move services as an additional hygiene measure and self-protection. Gloves will be discarded after each move.

Truck & equipment cleaning: all high touch surface including door handles and steering wheels will be wiped down after every move.

Social distancing: upon arrival to our customer’s homes or offices, team members will be practicing the 6’ social distancing between team members and customers.

Open doorways and windows when available: in residential move settings when available, we will ask our customers to open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation.

If you would like additional information, please contact us:

Phone: 857-241-8778

E-mail: [email protected]

All the above will be effective immediately and remain in place until April 30 by which time we will re-assess and make further announcements.

We continue to practice WHO (World Health Organization) and Federal guidelines for health and safety to avoid contagion in our community including applying revised office sanitation practices and professional conduct guidelines.

Thank you,

The Team of Flash Moving & Storage