How much to move a couch?

How much to move a couch?

Monday, March 23

Are you looking for a reliable way to move your couch, but it’s too expensive? Let’s talk about what options you have here.

The first and cheapest way is to call your friends. Yes, if you or someone can drive a truck, or even a moving van (depends on the size of the couch) then you can rent it and call someone to help you. Find the strongest of your friends or family to help you, rent a couple moving blankets to protect the couch and get the job done.

There are a few problems you can find on the way. First, and most common is the couch is a huge piece of furniture and you need some experience that gives you knowledge on how to fit it through the door. Any professional mover can tell you, that before moving couch through any door you have to think twice on how you gonna turn it, so it won’t damage walls or it doesn’t get destroyed. But this is not the only problem you can meet on your way. Another huge difficulty can be your destination. You simply don’t know if halls are wide enough to fit your couch. In many cases, you will have to do hoisting through the window, and it’s really good if you are moving to the second floor and have wide enough windows. Sometimes, you even going to need a crane service if you are moving up to the 3+ floor.

Professional moving service is a great opportunity to let people with experience simply handle such tasks, but what to do if they charge too much? You have to make sure you correctly explain the task to movers, so they can correctly estimate how much time and energy it gonna take to provide you with a reasonable rate. The price is usually high simply because it requires more than 2 movers, especially when there is a requirement to host your couch. The average price to move a couch is usually worth 2 hours of labor work plus travel time, so it estimated between $180-$250.

Anyway, it is suggested you make sure your couch worth moving and only then hire professional help and even better to do it when you moving all your belongings together. But if moving your couch is simply from first to the first floor, call your friends, or get some labor help on craggiest, for example. Good luck with your upcoming move!

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