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How much to save up before moving out of state?

October 12, 2020

Moving out of state where you spent a lot of time living is a huge change in anybody’s life. To make sure it goes smoothly you have to save up some money, but how much money you need before moving out of state? In this article, I will try to explain what you would need money for, and how much.

Decide on where you are going to live.

Before you tell your landlord about moving out or selling your house you have to already call a few places in the city at a new state where you are going to live and learn about the price of living. If you are renting an apartment you have to make sure that you provide enough information about your current income, because it’s always more difficult to rent someplace to live in when moving from the other state. Depending on the state where you moving to the price tag for monthly rent can vary, as well as a deposit, fee, and last month. In some cases, the first payment can be up to 2 months of living plus the broker’s fee. So, let’s say you found a great place to live and it costs $2000/m for a studio apartment, according to this rate you will need at least $6000 to move into a new apartment. 

Hiring a moving company

Moving yourself to another state can be a tough task, that’s why hiring a professional moving company should be your option number one. The price for moving differ depending on how far you moving, the size of the move and can be between $1000-$10000, but moving with a long-distance moving company guarantees you safe delivery, insurance, and professional service.

First months of living

Don’t forget that you need to save up some money after moving to a new state for your first months of living. If you moving because of the job, it won’t be necessary, but if you are going to look for a job only after arriving, this should be a must. For a month of living alone, $500 should be enough at least for food, but you shouldn’t forget other bills like phone, internet, if you have a car maybe you will have to pay for parking at a new location and many other, so $1000 for a first month should be enough for you.

So, in total, the amount of money you have to save up before moving out of sate can vary from $6000 to $12000 depending on how far you are moving, where you gonna leave, and other small factors.